Describing the sms platform to a meter reader in a training session

SKyFox limited in partnership with VIAwater, Ghana Water Company Limited and Community Partnership for Health and Development is piloting an sms self-billing and payment of water tariffs Project that will allow customers of the Ghana Water Company Limited in the Accra East District to self-bill their water consumption.
A Total of Seventeen (17) Meter Readers of the Accra East District of Ghana Water Company limited have been trained and enrolled on the sms self- billing and payment of water tariffs platform. This was as a result of their own interest to join the project since it will bring them much relieve. For SkyFox limited, this was so refreshing even though different from our initial approach of recruiting field officers and marketers whose responsibilities were to promote the project in different households.
Meter readers of the company go through a lot of hassle in getting bills transmitted to their customers especially the gated communities. Most often Meter Readers visits regularly households to get their water consumption for a particular month read or transmitting their water bills for the month. Customers are always nervous of Meter Readers coming to their homes at odd hours and are always reluctant in granting them access to their homes. Mr. Paul a meter reader narrated an instance where he has to monitor one client for over two (2) weeks before he got access to his home to take his meter readings. According to the Meter Readers this gives them lots of trouble. In their view the platform will help reduce the number of visits to the households and afford them enough time to concentrate on the revenue mobilization drive of the company.
For SkyFox Limited, this is a unique opportunity and advantage that we are tapping on. The Meter Readers are in constant touch with all the households of the district and are now driving the community sensitization and educational campaign of the project.
Three Thousand and Six Hundred metered households have been zoned and mapped for Meter readers to kick start the pilot for the month of July, 2018. The strategy is to study their performance for the month of July and make amendments where necessary and go a full blown exercise for the month of August and September, 2018.

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This is an exciting phase of the project - thanks for sharing this. I am sure you will get some valuable insights from the meter readers from Ghana Water Company during this piloting phase - great that they are keen to be involved given their connection to an already established and wide network of households. 

Please keep us updated on the outcomes, important lessons learnt and challenges from this piloting phase - we will all be very interested to learn from you!