MakaaDotcom generates interest during 41st WEDC International Conference


WEDC participation

During this year's WEDC Conference titled 'Transformation towards Sustainable and Resilient WASH Services', organised by Loughborough University and co-hosted by Egerton University (Kenya) between the 9th and 13th of July 2018, NAWASSCO participated through presentation of two research papers, an exhibition stand and field-visit.

**Research papers:**
- Faecal matter-saw dust composite briquette and pellet fuels: production and characteristics - Daudi Nyaanga et al. (presented by John Irungu, NAWASSCO Site Manager)
- Assessment of heavy metals in sewage sludge and their accumulation in cabbage (Brassica oleracea var capitata) - Wilkister Moturi et al. (presented by Kevin Juma, Egerton University Researcher)

**Exhibition stand:**
NAWASSCO demonstrated briquettes in their stand which generated a lot of interest. Many came to see the briquettes burn and hear about the production process and sales experiences

**Field visit:**
To allow interested individuals to learn more about the sanitation value chain approach demonstrated by the Nakuru County Sanitation Programme, a field visit was organised that took participants to county estate sanitation blocks in Kivumbini, one of Nakuru's Low Income Areas and the briquette production site located on NAWASSCO's Domestic Treatment Plant in Kaloleni.

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Thanks for sharing this. It looks like a successful WEDC conference and a great event to showcase your MakaaDotcom products.

Do you have the URL links to your two research papers? If so, it would be good to have these accessible for others to learn more about the technical details of your project.