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System Components is the online portal and repository for SEMA, our name for the open-source platform and community created by this project. The project in this first phase year 1 set out to accomplish 5 deliverables:

1. Assessment of mobile IT needs and opportunities for common needs among Safe Water Enterprises (SWEs)
2. A common open-source platform designed for SWE management and operations
3. Standards for a common IT architecture including data architecture and operating systems.
4. Pilot implementation of IT tools on the open-source platform with Jibu and SWN
5. Study on the potential impact, scalability, and sustainability of an ecosystem for IT for SWEs provides access to all of these deliverables except for details on the pilots (as they are "owned" by the project partners). There, you will find explanations and links to

A. The initial assessments of the IT landscape,
B. Details and technical documentation as well as user community working with SEMA
C. Documentation of the data architecture, operating systems, and APIs associated with SEMA
D. Study on the potential impact and road forward for a user, implementer, and developer community around open-source IT for SWEs

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Great work on the website - a very informative platform for Safe Water Enterprises and developers alike, as well as for anyone interested in this project. The URL link doesn't seem to be working in your post, so for anyone who is interested, head over here to the SEMA website:

Now that this project has finished piloting, could you share the main challenges and successes that you had to face?