Learning from Design Sprint in Zambia


Consultation with stakeholders

In December 2017, Design Sprints were conducted in Zambia.

The design sprints confirmed that authorities, as well as forward-thinking vacuum tank operators (VTOs), are very interested in Pula. Through internal discussions and stakeholder validation, we have been able to decide on the most crucial features for a minimal viable product (MVP): Truck Tracking and Customer Management. By analysing the user flow and gaining further insights from VTOs we have been able to refine those two crucial features moving closer to a fully working solution.

We have revisited and re-analysed who our customers are and how their data is entered, which has not only made data entry more reliable but also optimised the process of assigning orders to drivers, making fleet management in general easier. We call these two additional features, which are both adding value to Customer Management and Truck Tracking, Order Assignment and Customer Data Capturing.

Our design sprints were conducted with:

- 8 Vacuum Tank Owners
- 3 Vacuum Tank Drivers
- Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA)
- Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC)