Learning from Design Sprint in Maputo


Vacuum Tanker Parking at ETAR, Maputo, Mozambique

Following the market assessment activities in Ghana and Kenya, and the design sprint in Zambia, the Pula development team spent three weeks in Maputo working on the app. The aim of was to validate our findings from Zambia, Ghana and Kenya, uncover new user insights and refine the proposed features to suit local technology and user context.
The design sprint in Maputo validated our findings from Zambia, Ghana and Kenya, which indicated that municipal authorities and vacuum tank businesses are interested in Pula. Much of what we discovered in overlapped with findings from other countries.

During this design sprint, the team began to design the features and application workflow, basing the app on feedback from through the design process. This stage resulted in the app becoming further simplified: we optimised the ‘adding a new customer’ feature; redefined what used to be the tracking feature; replaced the financial overview with a simple daily overview; and reworked the user journey of the driver version, keeping it as simple and ‘edge case proof’ as possible – meaning that any mistakes made can be easily rectified.

We spoke with:
• Eight Government representatives
• Seven tank business owners
• Six drivers / tank operators