Installation of the Vertical PVC kit in APAD High School


APAD High School is located in Kicukiro Kigali, it has both boarding school and Day time school. This high school like all highs in Rwanda has an environmental club, and it is through this club that we recruited students to start a Hydroponic Farming club, where through the SHS via water project, they will get a 3m by 6m PVC unit and they will assist in taking care of it. And they will also talk to their fellow students about hydroponic farming. Harvested vegetables will be used by the school cafeteria for lunches.

Vi Nguyen's picture

Such a great idea to promote your hydroponics kit products through established communities like this. I'm sure the school environmental club is both learning and sharing the benefits of hydroponics far and wide! 

Will you be promoting your kits to other school clubs?

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Thank you, yes we will be promoting kits to other primary and secondary schools in the area, our goal is for the school to start applying farm to table concept for lunches..

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A nice way of promoting the benefits of your hydroponics kits! 

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keep rising Nadine. promoting hydroponics in schools is great pinch for long term knowledge and skills investment for the young generations