How to learn to construct eco-toilets


Women learn to construct eco-toilets.
Photo:The women enter the classroom for their final theory lessons concerning the construction of the eco-toilets.
They all wear the working clothes of the partner of VAM in Mali: Touma Barama.
8 women will start at the end of January with the practical lessons and construction of the demo eco-toilettes. All the women who were selected for this project in Bandiagara-Mali can read, write and calculate.
The theory lessons were divided in 3 parts:
a. a specific method of construction, including the assembly of the different materials for the enclosure of the toilet;
b. the characteristics of the different elements of the construction;
c. the requirements of the construction, the designs, the planning, the equipment of the ground, tools etc.|
Every women was very motivated and eager to learn; their practical lessons will start at the end of January.
Now there is an orientation on the best and reasonably priced materials.
Evaluation of the learning process and the possibilities of the women will take place during their practical lessons. If necessary more theoretical lessons will be organized.
The women who participate in this project were also obliged to participate in a 10-weeks course of WASH, so they can also inform other women, in Bandigara and the villages around this place, about water, sanitation and hygiene