How the sms self – billing is working in favour of GWCL



“We needed to be able to measure the exact quantity of water that we consume in a month, now we have it for them. We are so pleased”. These are the words of ESI in Labadi on how the sms self-billing is helping them solve their persistent water bill problem with the Ghana Water Company Limited.
Esi and her family of four (4) were always wondering on the persistent high water bills the company delivers to them on monthly basis. “At one time we went to complain to them because we couldn’t afford to pay the bills for that month”. The bill was so outrageous that my daughter thought for once that we should allow them to disconnect our meter. We were always of the view that something was not right until this system is introduced.
The water bills we received through the platform in recent times is not very different from what GWCL use to provide to us. This system has built a stronger confidence with the GWCL and we are now able to manage our water consumption very well. For the past three (3) months since you started the project we have seen that our water bill is reducing. This we are sure is because of the way we manage our water use in the house due to the intervention of your system.
Describing the benefits of the SMS self-billing and the payment of water tariffs platform Esi shared “we needed to know the exact quantity of water consumption for our household. Now we have it for them. We are so pleased”.

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Great to hear this testimonial from a happy user because of your project. What was the feedback from other users during the pilot phase?