he Sanitation Technology Platform (STeP) Website Launch


The Sanitation Technology Platform (STeP) provides a full range of services including field testing, market intelligence and user insights to help inventors and industry develop products and services that address market and consumer needs. STeP is a collaboration of global experts and organizations that reduces risk and streamlines the path to market, fostering greater success for its partners. This new website has both a main, public website to bring an additional channel and voice to highlight the opportunity presented by advanced sanitation systems and a “Partner Portal” that will serve as a data sharing platform for all partners. The main website can be accessed here: www.stepsforsanitation.org; also checkout the: Innovation Center (https://stepsforsanitation.igloocommunities.com/innovation) and Resources Center (https://stepsforsanitation.igloocommunities.com/resources/).  Within the Innovation Center, STeP connects to partner webpages.  The Resources Center presents descriptions of a number of Resources developed by STeP and partners, many of which are available upon request.