GARV Toilets design for school toilet blocks


GARV toilets was formed on the idea of resolving the main problems related to public toilet infrastructure, like frequent vandalism, improper maintenance and high operating expenditures. Our toilets models have been serving the communities residing in urban, peri-urban areas through smart public toilet designs which use Stainless Steel as primary raw material for the structures and integrate smart technologies to reduce maintenance Turn-Around-Time (TaT) and make these toilets principally indestructible. 

Earlier this year we got the opportunity to work on a project with Aga Khan Foundation to design and create specific pre-fabricated toilet models to be installed in government schools in state of Bihar (India). This project was also being supported by Coca Cola Foundation under the 'Save My Schools' Campaign. When we did our ground research and site visits, we were shocked to see the current state of dilapidated infrastructure in the capital city of the Bihar. Toilet structures in primary and secondary level schools were as good as not being there at all. Broken or No Doors, No Roofs, vandalised sanitary fittings and filthy surroundings made these toilets absolutely non-functional. It is even hard to imagine the state of children going to attend schools with such infrastructure. No surprises, that it is one of the biggest reasons of girls dropping-out of schools as they hit puberty. 

We engaged in multiple discussions and consultations with our designers and team from Aga Khan Foundation to design and create an attractive toilet model which holds the requirements of GARV design as well be a Go-To place for school children when it is needed the most. We played around with multiple raw material, colour options, IEC materials, posters and other design elements. Finally, after a few iterations we and our clients were happy with the outcome. Recently our team completed the installation with a plethora of positive feedback from all stakeholders. We believe such innovations and can be replicated in many more schools with area-specific customisations for the benefit of many children who are deprived of the most basic facilities in the developing world. 

We are happy to share the following video to provide you a glimpse of present situtation in schools and our design intervention. 


Mayank Midha

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Thanks for sharing your products from India experience. I would have loved to see the interactive sessions, too. My doughter is specialised in this, and had a recent Africa trip to Rwanda, discussing the use of open spaces around schools. She had earlier experience in the Philippines and the Netherlands. Each culture and political history have their impact on how participatory interaction can be done best. Looking forward to your insights in working in Ghana from your Indian perspective.