From innovation to impact: Call for Papers in Special Issue on Water Innovation in Africa

Call for Papers in a Special Issue on Water Innovation in Africa.

This Special Issue will be in the Environmental Science & Policy journal to share knowledge and better understand how water-related challenges in distinct African contexts can be addressed by innovation, innovation policies and effective water innovation systems.

The editors of this journal Special Issue are looking for scientific contributions for potential publication in this Special Issue that address:


  • relevant concepts, frameworks and methods from innovation studies
  • focus on water innovation in different African contexts
  • can be full research papers, drawing on empirical evidence, or shorter ‘messages from the field’ (e.g. from describing relevant project lessons learned, outcomes and impacts)

If you are interested in submitting a journal article to this unique Special Issue, please submit an abstract or an expression of interest to Uta Wehn (​), Guest Editor, by 1 July 2019.

More info here: