Final workshop


Field visit at final workshop

March 2019, the final workshop for Sponge City Kajiado. All project partners assembled to take a hard look at what has been done, what have we learned and what is the way forward. The county government was in high attendance, which is a great result in itself; without the goodwill of the government, a project or its results will have a very low chance of making a significant impact.

Even though the project has not accomplished its entire (very ambitious) set of goals, some great results have been reached: a set of on-site interventions and some clear guidelines for decision-making in the future. It is still a long way off for full integration of sponge methods in Kajiado town, but with a bit more effort and a bit more goodwill, in a few years a full Sponge City in Kenya just might be reality.

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A milestone for the project and great to see that the county government were interested and in attendance. So what overall learnings and lessons were concluded at this workshop with all project partners?