After successfully commissioning the project implementation committee in February, 2018. The committee was engaged in a series of meetings to develop a more feasible road map and approach towards the implementation of the project.
At the last committee meeting the committee had a rethink of the whole project duration and the number of months remaining for VIAWater (aqua for all) to close all its projects. Upon several debates on the impact of the project and the high interest it has generated from the community visits so far, the committee decided to increase the number of households from the initial 1000 to 10,000 to create the huge impact it requires. This decision was on the request of the partner the Ghana Water Company Limited in tandem with its current billing challenges.
Data for over 10,000 customers are been retrieved from the proposed pilot intervention areas and currently been processed. One is getting surprise at the turn of positive events and the rate at which the project is progressing. The end of May, 2018 will see all the data captured onto the sms self-billing platform and the system being tested and prepared to absorb all the 10000 households in the pilot.