EnterWASH Products Exhibition and Fundraising


MDF WA in collaboration with FARIAD organised an exhibition and fundraising event at the Impact hub, Osu, Accra on 28th February 2017 for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) entrepreneurs as part of the EnterWASH programme. The event aimed at showcasing WASH projects by EnterWASH entrepreneurs whose businesses solve WASH related problems in our society and to raise seed capital for these projects through the crowdfunding initiative. Products exhibited included organic mushrooms, paper bag, sanitation and hygiene products, organic compost, trashy raincoats and bags from PY mushrooms, Corell packaging ,Unity Organic Compost, Seagle Sani-mart and redeemed Africa Youth Centre respectively.

                                                                  Products exhibition 

The entrepreneurs had the opportunity to share their experiences, challenges, success stories and also pitched their business to the invited guests before the fundraising.’’EnterWASH entrepreneur (CEO, Corel Packaging) stated that his vision is to have a cleaner Ghana by eradicating plastic bags and focus on producing paper bags and other packaging products. He appealed to the audience to help him raise funds to buy a cutter for his business”.​

CEO, Corell Packaging                                                             CEO, Corell Packaging

It was exciting to see invited guests support the entrepreneurs with their funds during the fundraising event. Organisations like Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Fundraising Africa, GIMPA and many more were present at the event.​

                     Guests from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherland                                                                                                          

The event ended with drinks,finger foods and music.