Empower People Award

Siemens Stiftung Foundation’s Empowering People Award has 200,000€ for low technological solutions or products with sound business potential to solve basic supply problems in developing countries.

Main winners: 50,000 Euros, 30,000 Euros, 20,000 Euros
Runners-up: 7 x 10,000 Euros each
Special WASH Award: 20,000 Euros
Community Prize: 10,000 Euros

Award Categories

  • Water & Sanitation: Solutions should enable individuals or communities to create, maintain and manage their water supply and/or their waste water treatment.
  • Energy: Sustainable energy provided by solar, water, wind, or other sources, could be used for mobility, electricity, cooking, heating, manufacturing, etc.
  • Food & Agriculture: The usage of technology can considerably improve harvest, processing, and distribution of food, even in regions with poor soil or climate conditions.
  • Waste Management: Solutions should have a lasting impact on the improvement of solid waste management and thus saving resources and improving living conditions.
  • Healthcare: e-health solutions or technologies to educate individuals or communities on the subjects of health and nutrition.
  • Mobility & Infrastructure: Solutions can focus on sustainable renewable energy transportation of freight and people using inland modes of transport like road, railways or waterways.
  • Financial Technology: Solutions may facilitate management of microfinance for communities or provide viable mobile financial services to non-banking communities.
  • Education & Training: Solutions should improve the education in various fields including school subjects, crafts, health, hygiene, environmental issues or entrepreneurial skills at schools or in vocational training.

All winners gain from a long-term membership in Empowering People Network that offers various support opportunities plus the solutions will be endorsed in the online Solutions Database to bring them under an international spotlight enhancing scope and impact.

Apply online by October 31st, 2018, 24:00 CET

More details here: https://www.empowering-people-network.siemens-stiftung.org/en/award/