EcoSan technologies

Dear all,

We are starting with our new urban EcoSan project here in Rwanda, promoting a businessmodel of selling compost and urine products by using public and school Ecosan latrine blocks using the following UDDT concept of Double Vault Toilet, see attached. Advantage of the concept is that we do not have handlings with fresh faeces, the feaces are composted in the tiolet itself. From the past in Rwanda we had some very bad project experiences with health risks of lack of safe handling of EcoSan concepts using buckets of fresh faeces. For us the challenge in our concept is how to make the design as such that the collection and sale of the EcoSan products (compost and urine) is most efficient and affordable. I am currious how other Ecolocigal Sanitation projects face the challenges arround safe handling of feaces and efficient and affordable handling of their products. See a good example from Haiti of a similar Ecosan concept using buckets: