Demonstrating and marketing biomass fuels in Nakuru's Low Income Areas


Magnetic Theatre Group during community demonstration

Three community demonstration events were conducted during community meetings and chief barazas within Nakuru’s Low Income Areas of Manyani and Kivumbini. The events were organised to market the briquettes to the said communities and to identify possible stockists or whole sellers within the areas.

During these events, NCSP staff gave briefs about the product, the production process and the benefits for the community. People were able to see the briquettes being lit and used to boil maize and sweet potatoes on local cook stoves. Sausages were prepared on a grill to illustrate the multiple purposes of the product. The demonstrations brought out the product’s benefits which include; affordable fuel, no smoke, less carbon emissions, use for cooking and heating, and that the briquettes burn for long. The community members were also assured that the briquettes are safe for use and informed that they are KEBS certified and NEMA licensed.

The different size of briquette packaging (2kg, 5kg, 15kg, 25kg and 50kg) were showcased and recommended retail and wholesale prices of KES 30 per KG and KES 25 per KG respectively communicated. The various sales outlets were presented and those present who are potential wholesalers were encouraged to come out and discuss how to exploit the business opportunity. At the end of each demonstration event, there was a question and answer session.

In each event, the Magnetic Theatre group performed short plays with the intent of using theatre to dramatize the importance of the briquettes. The theatre group’s skits communicated about how the round shaped carbonised briquettes provide the solution for domestic use.