Construction Ashaiman Factory


At the end of 2015 Safi Sana started the construction of a full scale commercial factory for organica waste treatment in Ashaiman. Mid 2016 we expect to celebrate the opening event of the factory. A crucial moment which will be the crowning glory of years of hard work and preparation.

Ashaiman is an urban slum near Accra, with approximately 280.000 inhabitants (more than 1/3 of the total population of Amsterdam) Only 10 percent has access to sanitation. At this point in time, there is no formal waste treatment in Ashaiman. Safi Sana is going to change that.

With our new factory we reach 125.000 people in total. They benefit from better public toilets, better hygiene thus better health, a cleaner environment (because we collect organic waste), and increased awareness of the importance of good hygiene through our educational programs. Annually 50 Hectares land can be fertilized with our bio fertilizer and about 3.000 households benefit from our green power. Moreover, the project creates local job opportunities with people from Ashaiman manning the plant.

At this point in time, the digester walls are finished. The factory area begins to take shape. The concrete structure forms 27x27m, while the entire factory area forms a large trapezoid by approximately hundred by two hundred meters. The area will host the digester, drying beds, waste water treatment, composting research area (for instance for the Via Water project, a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system and a knowledge center.

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