Conclusion on SEMA project


The SEMA Project has finally come to a conclusion running since November 2017 to date. We have created an intuitive point of sale application that enables safe water enterprises to keep track of water production, daily sales and customer information. This application is currently being used by the Jibu team in Rwanda and Uganda. The Dashboard integrated with customer demographics also provides information such as water quality monitoring, last mile distribution and sales operations tracking to name a few.

There is still a lot to do after this project which will be taken up in near future such as administrator console creation and expansion of the core module.

The SEMA project has met its objective of supporting Safe Water Enterprises in scaling up their operations through a tool which helps with operations insight and management. Hopefully there will be more projects like this that will continue to empower SWEs in delivering safe water to underserved communities in Africa.

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Vi Nguyen's picture

Thank you for sharing and what a milestone to have reached at the end of your project! From an idea to the creation of an open source platform for SWEs.

From what you have learnt during this project, how do you see yourself scaling up in the future to more SWEs?