Briquette Sales On-Going


First Briquette Sales

Since July 2017 NAWASSCO is selling round-shaped carbonised briquettes called MAKAADOTCOM. The products are sold for Ksh 30 per kilogram and packaged in 2KG and 5KG packets as well as 15KG and 25KG sacks

The briquettes are being sold to households who use the products for cooking and heating as well as to poultry farmers who use them for brooding their young chicks. Customers are found in the Low Income Areas of Nakuru. Sales started after a pilot in the areas Kaloleni, Manyani and Kivumbini where we currently serve repeat customers.

Briquettes are also being sold during monthly sales events at the premises of the water company NAWASSCO. Customers visiting to pay their water bills and NAWASSCO staff are able to buy their new monthly supply on every 18th of the month.

Whole-sale is also on-going. At the factory briquettes can be bought for Ksh 25 per kg. One of our wholesalers buys from the factory and resells to willing customers all over and around Nakuru Town.

NAWASSCO continues to develop their marketing, distribution and sales strategies in preparation for larger volumes by the end of the year.

For more information about the products or sales requests, the Marketing Assistant can be contacted at NAWASSCO Plaza, Nakuru or through