Briquette Sales Events at NAWASSCO Headquarters


NCSP staff give brief to Cabinet Administrative Secretary and CEC

The main objective of these events is to create awareness about MakaaDotcom, maintain product visibility to NAWASSCO customers and staff as well as sell the products.

During the monthly events, we educate customers on the production process and product benefits and use while we sell and market MakaaDotcom and demonstration the use of the product. The events result in new and repeat customers buying MakaaDotcom.

The new customers were intrigued by the product and bought smaller packages for testing (mainly 2kg and 5kg). Repeat customers gave feedback on their experience with the product; most of it positive, purchased more packages and placed orders for bigger sacks (25kg and 50kg).

During the May, 2018 NAWASSCO sales event, the National government Cabinet Administrative secretary and County Executive Committee member visited the stand and were introduced to MakaaDotcom.

Vi Nguyen's picture

Great work! Events such as these are really important for spreading the word about your MakaaDotcom briquettes and about your project. 

How long will you be running these monthly events? Keep us updated on how it goes.

Reid Harvey's picture

While we are interested in some kinds of briquettes, there's no explanation as to what these are.  Neither is there an indication as to what MakaaDotcom is all about.


Vi Nguyen's picture

Hi Reid, you can find information about MakaaDotcom from an earlier community post from this project. 

They've also been posting various updates throughout their project on here, which are interesting to read to see how their project is progressing. If you have any questions, I'm sure Reinilde will be happy to help.