BRIGAID Market Analysis Framework (MAF+) - A free online tool to delvelop your business and bring your innovation to market


Successful innovations require more than a great idea and technical expertise – they need a market. The BRIGAID Market Analysis Framework + (MAF+) supports innovators to identify market opportunities, fine-tune their innovations to meet actual market needs, and develop their business strategy.

The MAF+ compiles 12 market analysis and business development exercises equipped with succinct text descriptions what enables the framework to be performed by non-specialists. Each exercise supports you to evolve your climate adaptation innovation into a concrete business. The text explains the purpose of each exercise individually, provides step-by-step instructions, and features relevant examples.

Along the way, the MAF+ exercises provide you with practical outputs that you can feed straight into your business plan, marketing, and strategic planning. At the same time, the MAF+ aims to build and strengthen your capacity and competitiveness by getting you acquainted with marketing and business concepts through practice.

The MAF+ is as a free stand-alone resource available to all. To use the tool and to learn more, please visit and

The MAF+ has been developed as part of the European Union-funded research and innovation project BRIGAID - BRIDGING THE GAP FOR INNOVATIONS IN DISASTER RESILIENCE, which aims to effectively bridge the gap between innovators and end-users in resilience to floods, droughts and extreme weather. While the project and the tool have been developed in collaboration with European innovators, they should also be useful for innovators internationally. See for more information.

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