Brief background of SaniFish Project at Chirapatre in Kumasi, Ghana


SaniFish Project Background
Video credit: Mark Yeboah-Agyepong

Current issues in Ghana SaniFish project intends to address

Following comprehensive feasibility studies carried by Waste Enterprisers (WE) and International Water Management Institute (IWMI), it was reported that more than 99% of wastewater generated is discharged into the environment untreated and more than 90% of the existing waste treatment plants are broken down due to chronic lack of funds for maintenance and operation in Ghana. These sanitation challenges called for IWMI to propose the commercialization of reusing wastewater for fish culture to generate revenue from sales of fish to cover cost of operation and maintenance of the plant under their CapVal project. TriMark Aquaculture Centre aims to undertake a pre-business test under a project dubbed SaniFish at Chirapatre waste treatment plant in Kumasi, to obtain real business start-up information in one production cycle prior to the full scale pilot production by adopting WE business model for the wastewater-fed aquaculture enterprise.

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Hi Mark, 

Thank you for introducing your innovation/project! Like the photos and the video. Very much looking forward to see how the pilot evolves in the coming weeks & months. Good luck!