Benchmarking & Selecting stoves for the adoption trial


Gasifier stoves W2E adoption trial
Video credit: Lawrence Kimaru

During a bench-marking visit to NAWASSCO's briquette production site in Nakuru, the Greenergia K Ltd team were introduced to the production of briquettes from human waste and other biomass products. They were taken through the production process and were able to appreciate the value of carbonised products.

After this, the partners tested available gasifier and charcoal stoves for their performance. Each stove was evaluate using a water boiling test as well as other practical performance and safety indicators. Four stoves were selected for use during the adoption trials: 2 gasifier stoves (Wisdom and Prime) and 2 charcoal stoves (KCJ and Jikokoa).

These stoves will be tested together with fuel-pellets and briquettes in Kisumu with communities at Rare Beach and per-urban areas of the town.