Audience with SONEB Chief Executive,


PNE-Benin Staff with SONEB Staff

PNE-Benin has been received by the SONEB Chief Executive and his staff this morning, Tuesday, 19th February 2019.
This meeting was demanded for:
- presente results of SAC-TIC project ;
- exchange about dispositions which was taken by SONEB about SAC-TIC using after project and assistance from PNE-Bénin to SONEB;
- Opportunities to participate for VIA GO N°3 and to have a coaching by VIA WATER to elaborate SAC-TIC commercial model;
- Future Collaboration with PNE-Bénin;
This meeting is about the management by SONEB after SAC-TIC Project

Vi Nguyen's picture

Thanks for sharing - can you elaborate further on what will happen with SAC-TIC after the pilot phase ends?