Via Water and Aqua for All are special for their technical, financial and professional support to Start-up innovators in the water sector.

With pleasure we thank them for the invitation to showcase our innovation to a panel of more than 180 participants including enterprise, individuals and organisations in the water industry during the AQUASHARE EXPO PLAMA 2018 from the 21st to the 23rd of November.

With our Urban Brick and Bag gardening 3D Model we managed to convince a number of potential partners and customers while our Honorable Minister of Public works, Habitation and Water resources also become interested.

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This is great exposure for your innovation at an event that brings together water experts and organisations from Mozambique and The Netherlands. What feedback did you receive from potential partners and customers?

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To the majority an innovation is something new. People are impressed by the way an initiative can solve pressing needs / Sanitation for Nutrition. Most importantly, audience - to include potential partners, investors or customers - want to know exactly what we are selling and who is going to buy, what problems it solve, what benefits it brings to the targeted beneficiaries and other stakeholders and its sustainability as a business case not forgetting its negative effects.

The most astonishing moment of the drama is when an entrepreneur is able to explain a complicated set of technologies or the new product in a smart and convincing way, showing that they have done their research/learning and that they can communicate all factors critical to the sustainability of the project.

As innovators we tend to face difficult questions to answer satisfactorily and I believe every set of brain has a way to overcome the challenge. Confidence in what I say supported with ideal facts can be a shared experience, I do not know from other/     …..?