Add drought knowledge


While focusing on drought, we added a few new outputs to the project. Those will be addressed in the analyses of new data from social media and satellite data to the project:
• There are small droughts that happen during the rainy season, or there are 7 or more days without rain affecting the peasants. It would be interesting to find this in time to better alert farmers by localities.
• There are also cases of droughts occurring during the beginning of the rainy season, which affect farmers and producers by zones or by localities in the sowing of their crops.
• And at the end of the rainy season: the end of the rains can begin from one locality to another, so it would be interesting to know all these cases in time to better assist our farmers.
• It is necessary to make an analysis since the years of great droughts for the Sahel which are known by the CILSS (Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel).