2nd round data gathering


Water Sampling at Bougouni hospital

SOMAGEP's staff on the field for water quality testing @ households, public taps, hospitals (see picture), etc.
16/10/2018 in #Bougouni (new region) hospital where SOMAGEP's water is the unique source of water.

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Thanks for sharing! Can you share more insight into how many households, public taps and hospitals you're testing and in which areas? And what has been the main lesson from this data gathering process?

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The sampling choices are made regarding severals parameters like the sensitivity (hospitals, schools, public tap, reervoir, etc.) because a pollution there could rapidly spread to many people. Within the project 13 hospitals, 10 schools, 33 household and 66 public taps are covered.

We learnt a lot from the data thanks to this project: 

-Geolocation is a MUST to ensure every colleague within the water utility knows where the samplig point is (lab for quality, distribution for purging/leakage fixing)

-distribution networks are not simple, indeed the network behaviour is impossible to predict because of damages, pipes age, etc.

-People are not aware of their activities consequences on water quality

-Sampling points protected areas have to be implemented

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Thanks for sharing your valuable learnings on this Aboubacar. I hope that all continues well in this data gathering phase. Keep us updated!