8. Institutional strengthening

Supporting the development of a strong enabling environment is one of the biggest needs for projects to succeed. It is also one of the major reasons why development is hampering and the impact of certain projects is low. There is a need to stimulate or improve an environment where actors know their rights and where regulations and rights are being enforced. An example can be the strengthening of Water User’s Associations, or the strengthening of partnerships between governments, NGO’s, water users and private parties. Platforms to gain or share ideas on Institutional Strengthening:

  • http://www.gwp.org/en/ToolBox/TOOLS/  - There are altogether 59 different tools carefully elaborated in the IWRM ToolBox. Tools are IWRM concepts that help the user select a suitable mix and sequence of processes or steps that work in a given situation, context and country. The IWRM ToolBox is organized in a hierarchical manner with each tool embedded in the wider perspective of IWRM. The problems faced by water and environmental managers are many and diverse, as are the political, social and economic conditions, so no blueprint for the application of IWRM can be given
  • http://watersdgtoolbox.org/  - This Toolbox comprises a description of tools developed by the organizations of the United Nations System. The Toolbox includes CASES of tools developed by other organizations and examples of application. Themes are Water Supply and Sanitation Services (including Hygiene); Water Quality and Ecosystems Protection; Water Resources Management: and Water related Risks.