6. Improved quality of water resources and distributed water

Water quality concerns have not been the most prominent issues in the literature. However, water quality affects each user. In urban areas, where population density is high and economic and industrial developments are taking place, water quality is at risk of deterioration. The main sources of pollution are industries, households and agriculture. To satisfy the many different interests within the cities, sound urban planning is necessary. Platforms to gain or share ideas on water quality:

  • http://gemstat.org/  - The United Nations Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS) Water Programme is dedicated to providing environmental water quality data and information of the highest integrity, accessibility and interoperability. These data are used in water assessments and capacity building initiatives around the world. GEMStat is designed to share surface and ground water quality data sets collected from the GEMS/Water Global Network, including more than 3,000 stations, close to four million records, and over 100 parameters.
  • http://watersdgtoolbox.org/  - This Toolbox comprises a description of tools developed by the organizations of the United Nations System. The Toolbox includes CASES of tools developed by other organizations and examples of application.
  • http://wqic.nal.usda.gov/tools-and-guides  - This website provides several tools used in the United States, ranging from planning tools to water quality indices for agricultural runoff.