11. Improved urban planning

To satisfy the many different interests within the growing cities, sound urban planning is necessary. Platforms to gain or share ideas on improved urban planning:

  • http://www.deltacities.com/knowledge-portal/water - Over 50% of the world population lives in cities. More than two thirds of the world's largest cities are vulnerable to rising sea levels as a result of climate change. Millions of people are being exposed to the risk of extreme floods and storms. The goal of Connecting Delta Cities is to develop a network of delta cities that are active in the field of climate change related spatial development, water management, and adaptation, in order to exchange knowledge on climate adaptation and share best practices that can support cities in developing their adaptation strategies.
  • http://www.latitude-platform.eu/ - Latitude is a non-profit organization based in Brussels (Belgium) and Venice (Italy) that focuses on urban and territorial research and design.