1. Sustainable access to drinking water services

The water supply sector is facing many challenges on a daily basis: water losses in the systems are generally high (non revenue water), water quality is difficult to maintain, and accountability in institutions is low. Institutions have to cope with problems concerning low or absent payments, mostly due to a lack of metering. Users have to cope with low quality water and irregular service or are not connected at all. There is a demand for easy to manage sustainable systems and knowledge exchange on maintenance and payment structures.

Platforms to gain or share ideas on drinking water services:

  • http://www.gwopa.org/en/get-involved - GWOPA is an alliance of partners working towards the common goal of making Water Operators’ Partnerships (WOPs) happen more often and with greater impact.
  • http://www.unwaterbestpractices.org/ - Outcomes of the Water for Life Decade, sharing Water and Sanitation Best Practices
  • http://wsstp.eu/ - The Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform was initiated by the European Commission in 2004 for Research and Technology Development in the water.
  • http://watersdgtoolbox.org/ - This Toolbox comprises a description of tools developed by the organizations of the United Nations System. The Toolbox includes CASES of tools developed by other organizations and examples of application. Themes are Water Supply and Sanitation Services (including Hygiene); Water Quality and Ecosystems Protection; Water Resources Management: and Water related Risks.