Ms Maaike de Vette - Aqua for All

Ms Maaike de Vette


Ms Maaike de Vette is the Impact Management Advisor at Aqua for All. 

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Maaike had a brief career in sustainable hotel developmentsports management and P&O Recruitment in South Africa and Indonesia. To further develop her knowledge and understanding of the socio-cultural and geo-political context in the world of sustainable business developmentshe studied International Development at the University of Amsterdam and later International Development and Rural Innovation at Wageningen University. She also obtained a Master Degree in Rural Development Sociology with a Minor in Environmental Policy and Nature Conservation 

In 2008 and 2009Maaike did field-research in Namibia, Botswana and Zambia studying Human-environment conflicts, local solutions and the effect of community-based natural resource management initiatives, which was published in 2010Her introduction into the water sector came around the same time, via Women for Water Partnership, where she worked on women empowerment programs in the WASH sector. 

Maaike has been working at Aqua for All since 2011. She has worked on several programmes such as WASH in School, MHM and Behaviour change and Rural WASH programs. Maaike has developed a special focus on monitoring, learning and development of sustainable institutional and financial WASH solutions for the bottom of the pyramidAs Senior PME and Learning Manager, Maaike works with the aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice and bring together the public, private and knowledge sectors in WASH. You can reach her for matters concerning Football for Water program and Marie-Stella Maris program.