Ms Marleen Hasselerharm - Aqua for All

Ms Marleen Hasselerharm


Ms Marleen Hasselerharm is the Operations & Team Manager at Aqua for All. 

Marleen has a Master’s degree in International Relations and International Organisation from the Groningen University where she specialised in gender and development (1994). Since then, she has been working with a range of Dutch and international development organisations as programme manager/director with a focus on social entrepreneurship in Africa 

At Aqua for All, she is responsible for the daily operations of the team and the management of organisation in the area of acquisition, business processes, programme management and communications. She guides the change processes toward its strategic direction, its professionalization and quality improvement in dynamic setting 

Marleen is an experienced and dedicated facilitator of change processes in social development and international cooperation. With her 25 years of experience, she has been able to support Aqua for All in becoming a professional and dynamic organisation with increased impact. She thrives off of complex change processes for social impact in which she is pragmatic and goal-oriented with a sense of interpersonal relations.