Mr Oscar Ruigrok - Aqua for All

Mr Oscar Ruigrok


Mr Oscar Ruigrok is the Finance Manager at Aqua for All.  

Oscar is educated in financial administration and controlling. Before Aqua for All, he held the position of Finance Manager at Materials Innovation Institute (M2i) for more than 20 yearsHe was responsible for the financial and controlling departmentcontract management, fiscal and legal affairs, facility management and ICT.  

At Aqua for All, Oscar has the same responsibilities and is member of the Management Team. Since his start in 2019 he made a professionalization in the financial- and salary administration, contract management, and ICT. Almost his whole career, Oscar worked at subsidy driven and non-profit organizations in the playing field between government, industry and scientific organizations. He has extensive experience with subsidy programs at regional, national and international (EU) level.  

Oscar is pragmatic, analytical, decisive and supportive.