Co-financing and leveraging investment

Aqua for All provides funding to co-finance projects and programs, supporting their initiation or expansion (upscaling). We also offer other forms of project and program support, advising or working together with organizations in activities such as project screening, contracting and monitoring and evaluation.

The funds with which Aqua for All has been entrusted carry specific allocation criteria that go beyond the funding of charity projects that mostly keep people dependent on external aid.

Public Private Partnerships
To be eligible for funding, projects and programs must result from Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and/or involve innovative solutions. These innovative solutions may or may not be technological in nature. An innovation might also simply involve new ways of doing things – breaking away from the dependency model of traditional aid.

Aqua for All is charged with investing in projects and programs that motivate and support local people in making 'access to water and sanitation for the BoP' a profitable business, attractive to local entrepreneurs to invest in, develop and maintain. This approach leads to more structural, sustainable solutions to the water and sanitation crisis.

Hybrid financing construction
'Upscaling’ means increasing the reach and impact of successful solutions, to help and empower more people. Aqua for All plays a vital role in helping ‘good ideas’ develop into useful innovations by connecting the right organizations, institutions and companies to each other at the right juncture. A portion of the funds made available to Aqua for All are used to stimulate co-funding from other stakeholders, such as Dutch and international funds and/or NGOs. This works particularly well to co-finance large, long-term programs.

In other words: Aqua for All offers a hybrid financing construction in which our own organization participates. This appeals to other investors, inspiring them to finance programs they otherwise might not have supported (or at least not as much). Our target is to attract € 3 for each € 1 we ourselves invest. (Although experience has shown that in some cases we can attract as much as € 8 for each € 1 we invest).

Some of the projects we provide(d) this service for:
* Kenya Arid Lands Disaster Risk Reduction program (MWA- KALDRR)
* AMREF Kajiado
* Rossa project Ethiopia
* (Former) Matagalpa project

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