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Your company wants to help provide safe drinking water and adequate sanitation to people in need. Through Aqua for All, you can contribute to this CSR goal in a way which suits your organisation. With our services, experience and networks, we not only strengthen local entrepreneurship but can also create business opportunities for you, achieving the visible, long-term results of which you and your stakeholders can be proud.


Your company has well-defined objectives – commercially as well as in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Aqua for All helps you reach those objectives in the way which you prefer. Below are some examples.

  • We create structural and long-term solutions tailed to your organisation’s size, to help you empower people in need and diminish diseases and deaths among children.
  • We apply a transparent, cost-efficient and business-like approach, safeguarding low overhead and maintaining a solid juridical and financial structure.
  • We speak your language, having commercial roots in the water sector. And we help you communicate visible results to your stakeholders;
  • We can link your investment to others, following clear and concrete targets and offering you interesting business opportunities.

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You have the means to make a difference and want to invest them in a better world. Aqua for All has the ability and expertise to put the following means to effective use:

  • Money
  • Networks
  • Knowledge
  • Technology



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‘Aqua for All has been instrumental, alongside other development partners, such as UNICEF, SNV and the Rwandan Government, in improving and expanding drinking water services in the supply area of Aquavirunga. Aquavirunga is currently responsible for service delivery to some 350,000 people in North-Western Rwanda. Thanks to Aqua for All's endeavors', 100,000 people have gained access to drinking water during the past 5 years.’
Hielke Wolters, Managing Director Aquanet

Free Feedback Friday

Are you an innovative entrepreneur that wants to start or grow a company in Africa – particularly in the water and/or sanitation business? Aqua for All works with Africa Funded to give you free online feedback on your business plans – through Skype.

Every Friday, entrepreneurs get the opportunity to go on a 30-minute, one-to-one and completely confidential speed date with one of our experts. These experts can get you in touch with the right people and will give you valuable information on a variety of topics: from product market combinations and technology to the competitive landscape in specific countries. There’s also the possibility to be invited to an Aqua for All in-depth support program.

Subscribe for a Free Feedback Friday session! Contact for availability. Get more information about doing sustainable business in a developing country at, a unique search engine, co-created by Aqua for All.