Kenya RAPID is a unique partnership between local governments in Kenya, civil society and the private sector. It focusses on the five Northern counties (in arid and semi-arid lands) seeking to increase the average water coverage rate from 37% to more than 50%. The program is designed using a (partly) market-driven model that can be adapted for use in other counties.

This partnership has been forged to increase access to sustainable WASH services and improved rangeland management for local communities.  We work to strengthen county governance over water and sanitation service delivery – supporting the current devolution process.  The business models for sustainable WASH service delivery and water for livestock are designed to be scaled and replicated elsewhere.

Kenya RAPID rejects the “business-as-usual” approach to development. Instead we stimulate a change process in stakeholder roles and responsibilities. The five counties and all the partners are co-investors: offering human and financial capital, software, equipment and other organizational resources to