Justdiggit, regreening the planet

The ‘Hydrologic Corridor’ is a unique concept in which multiple large scale areas are re-greened through small scale rainwater harvesting solutions, reforestation and climate resilient agriculture. The size, location and position of these project areas are strategically chosen to have maximum impact on the region as a whole. Through a hydrologic corridor program, the small water cycle in degraded ecosystems is restored which impacts the regional climate by creating more equally distributed rain. A system approach is introduced focusing on water, land and economic improvement with local community involvement. This causes local cooling and changes in air circulation, ultimately impacting a larger area within the hydrologic corridor. To measure the impact, substantial investment is geared towards scientific research and monitoring.

Justdiggit, Aqua for All and others jump start the hydrologic corridor concept in countries that are interested to co-invest and scale up into full corridor programs. At the same time Justdiggit creates a global social movement for climate action, with local government and stakeholders as the driving force.

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