Our new Director Josien Sluijs & our Annual Report 2018 is out!

We are pleased to announce that Ms Josien Sluijs has been appointed as the new Director of Aqua for All as from the 1st of August 2019. She will take over the position of our present Director Sjef Ernes, who has decided to leave the organization as from July 2019.

Ms Josien Sluijs has been active in the field of Inclusive Finance for over 18 years. In her current position as Director of NpM, she is responsible for the representation of the Dutch Inclusive Finance Sector and she facilitates cooperation, knowledge development and sharing amongst the members.

Ms Sluijs brings a very esteemed financial expertise and experience to the team, no doubt with the same ambition and passion by which Sjef has been the leading force behind our organization for over the past 16 years.

Ms Sluijs: ‘Before NpM, I worked for Rabobank. In my last position, I mainly worked in the Middle East, Vietnam and Indonesia, restructuring Rural Banks. These banks often had a large outreach into rural areas, with a huge potential to offering people opportunities to improve their lives.

Throughout my career, this is what drove me most. Access to water is a fundamental prerequisite towards this end. After having worked for many years promoting financial inclusion, I wanted to broaden my scope. Not only out of interest but also because I see the need for developing organizations, active in various fields of expertise, to bridge the gap towards more market oriented solutions.

After my first meeting with the board and management of Aqua for All, I felt an immediate click and we decided to move forward together. I very much look forward to work with the staff and stakeholders. A lot has been accomplished in the past years under the guidance of Sjef Ernes, for which there is much appreciation and I cannot wait to take on this new challenge with all of you!’

In our next Newsletter we will give the floor to Sjef.

Annual Report 2018
Aqua for All has learned over the years that projects (value), looking for money, is less effective than helping money that is looking for value. For a long time we were under the impression that the financial world should get to know us better. That is still true, but the reverse also applies: We must get to know the financial world better.

That is the challenge for Aqua for All the coming years, our modest but valuable contribution to ‘Shaping the future’and ‘Bridging the gap’.

You can read all about it in our Annual Report 2018: Annual report 2018