Our Annual Report 2017 is out!

Innovative finance characterized much of our work in 2017. Sometimes this means complex financial engineering – clever ways of meeting investors’ criteria in order to fund scalable WASH initiatives. However, it can also be as simple as introducing a new way for the end customer to be able to afford safe water.

Much is going on and it’s really exciting and filled with challenges for us to take up. To engage the private sector in WASH programs by blending their risks with aid-money is not enough. One avenue of financial innovation that we are exploring is the growing area of ‘outcome payment’ opportunities. Outcome payers look to avoid negative costs as well as rewarding desired outcomes.

Result-based finance will transform the way in which scalable initiatives are funded in the coming years. Blended finance, enabling financial return on investment, will be supported by social impact revenue streams. With concerted effort and a big dose of optimism we are determined to help these new approaches grow into significant and effective forms of financial structuring, making it possible to realize SDG6.

In 2017 we celebrated our 15th anniversary and the central message of the Midterm Review performed this year is that we are on the right track. This annual report highlights several examples of financial innovation to show you what we have learned and to inspire you. The future is promising, let’s help shape it and work together to reach the next level! Enjoy reading:

Annual Report 2017

Mr. Sjef Ernes, Managing Director