Join PPPLab Day on 20 November

Where: New World Campus, The Hague 
When: November 20th, 09.30 – 16.30
Program: Here

On this final PPPLab Day, four years of learning will be applied to contemporary questions on what is needed for PPPs to reach development goals. We’ll navigate the ambition for change in four steps:

Step 1 – Messages: The key messages of the PPPLab and what is concluded about the aspirations of PPPs as well as the capacities, risk sharing and financing needed to deliver on these aspirations, falls under the spotlight. A candid review of our messages and experiences will exemplify the nuances of partnering for change.

Step 2 – Implications: You will be activated to reflect on the implications of these key messages for you, your PPP and your ambition for change

Step 3 – Challenges: You will share and hear about current challenges which prevent PPPs from delivering on their promise of change, and what can be done.

Step 4 – Agenda: This current form of the PPPLab comes to a close. The topics of scaling and systemic change, finance and business models for PPPs and how to best partner with government grow in importance. We want to confirm personal agendas to tackle and learn.

Three brand new PPPLab Explorations provide plenty of insights to deliberate and meat to chew on, in combination with our overall conclusions. To get your thinking going and make the day an effective one for you, we are already sharing with you the Explorations. You can find these below.