Maji Milele - Aqua for All

Scaling prepaid water meters


The concept

Aqua for All collaborated with Maji Milele, a prepaid water meter provider, to develop and open up the market for prepaid meters in Northern Kenya and beyond.




Drinking water


2018 - 2019

Total value:


Investors so far:

Aqua for All, World Vision, CARE, Millennium Water Alliance

Program Partners:

Water Forever


About the initiative

Maji Milele is a distributor of a wide variety of high-quality prepaid water meters. The company provides prepaid water meters for communal water points, for household connections and for purified water ATMs. All prepaid water meters are linked to mobile payment and include an online monitoring system for tracking daily payments and water consumption. Online monitoring helps to detect leakages and illegal connections. It also reduces non-revenue water significantly.

Aqua for All provided assistance in scaling the market in various counties in Northern Kenya. An initial pilot was tested in 8 counties, with 4 expected to scale.