From Pit to Product - Aqua for All

From Pit to Product

Nakuru, Kenya

The concept

From Pit to Product transforms faecal sludge into charcoal briquettes for the local market in Kenya.




Circular economy, Sanitation economy


2015 - 2019

Total value:


Investors so far:

EU NSCP Sanitation project, VIA Water

Program Partners:

Aqua for All, NAWASSCO, VEI, SNV, Scode and Egerton University

About the initiative

Pit to Product started as a project toto pilot human waste conversion into biomass-fuels and bio-fertilisers in Nakuru, an agricultural hub in Kenya.

Aqua for All supported this project throughout its research stage (2015- 2017). The support continued for product development (2017-2019). This result in a briquette sold under the name MakaaDotcom to low-income consumers and poultry farmers in Nakuru.

Makaa is the Kiswahili word for coal.



Key outcomes

Steady production

The briquette factory has an operating capacity for processing 25 tonnes per month.


On a monthly basis, the waste of 28,750 people is recycled. These briquettes are purchased by over 800 families.

Awareness raising

Awareness raising on the need for on-site non-sewered sanitation in the area.