Play Football for Water


Aqua for All stood at the cradle of several campaigns aimed at raising funds in the Netherlands for specific projects and programs in Africa. ‘Wandelen voor Water’ (‘Walking for Water’) has been a growing success for years. And ‘Football for Water’, set up in 2012, has proven to be very appealing as well. Together these campaigns have improved the lives of thousands of people.

Football for Water is more than a game. It changes lives. The program is a unique combination of sports and WASH. The parties involved believe this combination brings lasting and sustainable improvements to children’s hygiene and health seeking behavior. The ambition is to create a healthy future for more than 500.000 children in Mozambique, Kenya and Ghana with the Football for Water approach.

What are the challenges?
Most primary schools in developing countries don’t have appropriate drinking water points and toilet facilities for the children. This makes it more difficult for them to perform well in school, especially for girls. Also, children’s knowledge about good sanitation and hygiene is low, causing all kinds of unhealthy situations and unnecessary diseases. Football for Water wants to tackle these challenges.

How are they tackled?
Football for Water works with local organizations in Mozambique, Ghana and Kenya. These partners use the power of football to reach boys and girls in public schools to improve hygiene behavior of girls and boys through football and life skills training and teach them about healthy living. Lessons on clean water and good sanitation are combined with installing sustainable water and sanitation facilities. As a result, kids are healthier and do better in school.


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