Join us with Walking for Water

Kids Walking for Water in Nijmegen the Netherlands

Walking for Water Nijmegen the Netherlands. Photo Credits: Hans Hebbink

Kids help kids get access to safe drinking water
The Walking for Water Campaign, (Wandelen voor Water) is an awareness and fundraising initiative for school children between 10-15 years of age. Kids learn about global water issues and raise money to help solve them! Walking for Water takes place each year in the weeks around UN World Water Day on March 22nd. The campaign began in 2002 in the Netherlands, where it has grown into a successful national initiative that funds many water and sanitation projects each year in developing countries. The initiative has spread to schools across Europe and in the United States.

Access to water and toilets – what’s the problem?
In Western countries, safe drinking water is nearly always close at hand – if not from the tap then in a nearby store. In contrast, many communities in developing countries often don’t have water taps. Children frequently miss school to walk long distances to fetch water from sources that usually aren’t even safe for drinking. For around 700 million people in the world, this is still the case. Access to toilets is even more of a problem! We all need both of these things, along with good hygienic habits in order to live healthy lives.

What can be done?
Wandelen voor Water (Walking for Water) is an initiative that raises awareness among the younger generation about the importance of safe drinking water and sanitation for all of us. Kids get a chance to help their peers in developing countries. Aqua for All invests these funds in specific projects to improve access to clean water and good sanitation. This enables children to go to school, drink safe water, use toilets (instead of open spaces) and learn about good hygiene in order to stay healthy.


Visit our websites (Dutch) and , or contact the campaign Coordinator, Chris Amsinger, , +31 (0)70 7200 870