Delivering on the tranformational potential of PPPs

On November 20, the PPPLab is organizing a practical day of exchange, application and design for those working in public-private partnerships. Over the last four years, PPPLab, our partners and organizations engaged in PPPs have explored the transformational potential of PPPs. The emergence of the SDG-P facility is a good moment to concretely spell out how this potential should be delivered upon and what the implications for our collective roles are.

That means PPPs must:

• Aspire to deliver systemic change

• Be fit to realize their aspirations

• Rethink risk and blend finances

Focus of the day

During the day we will pin down what it takes for PPPs to deliver on the above, individually and collectively. We will dig into the fundamental implications for current and future PPPs regarding;

1) Current focus and efforts, 2) Capacities present and needed, and 3) Resources from and risks for different stakeholders.

By the end of the day you will have a sharp idea of where you can take your PPP work to a next, necessary level and we will have formulated an action and learning agenda for a PPP community of practice.