Call for nominations for the Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2019!

Join the boost for global sanitation efforts and nominate an individual or organization

for the Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2019!

Sjef Ernes, Managing Director of Aqua for All, announced the call for nominations for the Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2019 on November 15 during the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) Summit.

In 2013 Aqua for All, World Waternet and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) initiated the Sarphati Sanitation Awards (SSA), awarded during the biennial AIWW. The Sarphati Sanitation Awards were installed to honor contributions to the global sanitation & public health challenges through entrepreneurship. The Awards are named after Dr. Samuel Sarphati, a doctor who lived in the mid-19th century and was convinced that proper sanitation was a crucial factor for improving public health. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he was able to demonstrate money could be made by collecting human waste and transporting it out of the city. He connected public & private parties and made an important contribution in finding sustainable solutions to the sanitation challenge.

In 2019, the Sarphati Sanitation Awards will be handed out for the fourth time. This year the Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) joined our team and supports SSA 2019 financially.

The theme of 2019 is integrated, decentralized sanitation solutions for urban context: affordable systems that bridge the gap between wastewater & human waste collection, and transportation & recycling/re-use of materials. Aqua for All and World Waternet will hand out two awards:

  1. Sarphati Sanitation Award for Promising Entrepreneur
  2. Sarphati Sanitation Award for Life Time Achievement

From this moment on we call upon the next Sarphati: an entrepreneur and innovator who forced a breakthrough for an integrated system with a clear Sanitation Value Chain strategy.

Will you help us find this promising entrepreneur or innovative organization? Go to and let us know who forced a breakthrough in the field of an integrated(decentralized) treatment system of wastewater and human waste in urban settings.