Our Partners and Partnerships

Aqua for All cooperates  with a diverse  range of actors in the water and sanitation field. We work together with public and private actors, knowledge centers and NGOs, in different ways. Below you find a number of our partnerships and partners. This list is not complete but it’s a selection of our extensive range of (types of) partnerships. 

3R is not only our innovation track, but also a platform. The platform is formed by Acacia, MetaMeta, RAIN and Aqua for All.

Is a long-time partner to increase transparency in the water sector.

Aquanet is a long-time partner and contributes to the improvement of access to adequate drinking water services in developing countries and emerging economies.

We cooperate on the inclusive business accelerator with BoP Inc being business expert in BoP markets and Aqua for All as water specialist.

Football for Water is a program partnership with KNVB world coaches , Simavi, Unicef, Akvo and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Is an initiative of Esteam Work and Aqua for All, supported by RoyalHaskoning DHV

Is our strategic partner in Kenya Arid Lands Disaster Risk Reduction program (MWA-KALDRR) and Ethiopia Self-Supply Acceleration program.

Aqua for All is an active member of the Netherlands Water Partnership and we work together on several grounds.

Is a partnership with SNV, the Partnership Resource Centre (PRC) and Centre for Development Innovation at Wageningen UR (CDI).

Since 2012 we have a Memorandum of Understanding with Rotary Netherlands. The MoU is called “Without water, everything is dry”

Actively supports initiatives like Made Blue and Safi Sana.

Is our long lasting project partner and an initiative of drinking water supply companies Vitens and Evides.

Is a partnership with Akvo, Simavi, Rotary Netherlands, AMREF Flying Doctors, ZOA and Wild Geese (since 2015).

In addition to program partner, we jointly developed a business incubator .

Supports the idea of giving the Base of the Pyramid access to safe drinking water.

World Waternet is one of our partners at the Sarphati Sanitation Awards

Water Company Limburg is the drinking water supplier for the southern province Limburg, but they are also responsible for safeguarding the public water supply.

Takes part in our Project Selection Advice Commission and provides Aqua for All with external expertise.