Mission & vision


Our mission: Aqua for All aims to facilitate sustainable access to water & sanitation by supporting innovations and scalable solutions. We connect relevant stakeholders, work in strong partnerships and provide required funding.

Our vision is a world in which every human being has structural, sustainable access to clean water & good sanitation. We firmly believe that this world is possible and desirable. Our focus lies with the people at the Base of the Pyramid: those who most often lack that access.

Why focus on water and sanitation?

Ensuring access to clean water and good sanitation is step one in empowering people with the ability to improve their lives.

What is the Base of the Pyramid?

All our common efforts are, in the end, aimed at the people at the Base of the Pyramid (also called ‘BoP’). Who are they?


How do we approach our mission?

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What areas do we focus on?

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