Mission and vision

Aqua for All’s vision is a world in which every human being has structural, sustainable access to clean water and good sanitation. We firmly believe that this world is possible and desirable. Our mission is to enable people to indeed gain access to safe water and good sanitation, necessities for a better future. Our focus lies with the people of the world at the Base of the Pyramid: those who most often lack that access.

Why focus on water and sanitation?

Ensuring access to clean water and good sanitation is step one in empowering people with the ability to improve their lives. It is important enough for your attention and efforts.

What is the Base of the Pyramid?

All our common efforts are, in the end, aimed at the people at the Base of the Pyramid (also called ‘BoP’). Who and where are they?


1. Water-poor communities are typically also economically poor, trapped in a cycle of poverty.
2. Education suffers when children, sick of polluted water-related ailments, miss school.
3. Economic opportunities are routinely lost to the impacts of rampant illnesses.
4. Acquiring water from far away requires valuable time better spent going to school and/or working.
5. Children and women are generally more vulnerable to disease and loss of opportunities.

How do we approach our mission?

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What areas do we focus on?

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